Looking at the sun

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I can't remember a time in my life when I wasn't drawing or painting, so it seemed only natural that I gravitated towards a career as a graphic designer, art director and commercial illustrator. 

My 30 years as a commercial illustrator and graphic designer has a big influence on the composition of my paintings. I work in a variety of media including watercolors and acrylic, but my favorite medium is oils. Oils allow me to achieve a more relaxed, impressionistic style. 

I paint from the photos that I take on a trips or hikes in the countryside. 

My studio is in Boise Idaho, I have won various regional awards and currently have a painting touring the United States with Paint America's top 100 'Paint the Parks' show.

You can see my work in person at my studio in Boise, Idaho, the Gallery at Finer Frames in Eagle, Idaho, the Mountain House Gallery in McCall, Idaho, and the Clearwater Gallery in Sisters, Oregon.

Group or private painting classes can be set up by calling the artist at 208-989-1280, or email me at: markdavisart@gmail.com

I also do commissions from your photos or mine.


When most people look at a landscape scene they see green leaves, brown bark, green grass, grey mountains, blue water. 

When I look at a landscape scene I first see the composition of the objects, then the leaves or branches with greens, yellows, blues, browns, oranges, and the bark with the oranges, grays, purples, grass with blues, greens, yellows, oranges, mountains of pale purple and blue, water reflecting the sky, the foliage, and the transparency to the bottom of rocks or sand. Artists train themselves to not just look at a scene but to see all the colors in the scene, and then try to paint it.